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About Us


We believe that everyone deserves to dress how they want and in what feels good to them, styles that move and work with each individual. This is why we strive to provide a variety of sizes and styles for all bodies including plus sizes. Our local area can be tough when it comes to accesible clothing options and it makes us feel good to know that the struggle is made a little easier by our clothing collections.

It is also very important to us to provide afforable clothing that fit daily life so we offer door-to-door delivery for those who live in the area, which helps to save locals money and time. It also saves on packaging and waste that often goes along with shipping. When we do ship we are very conscious of packaging and resuse and recycle whenever we can so as to lower our environmental impact. 

Another top priority for Ludic Style is to provide the community with what it truly needs. This means really listenting to feedback from our customers and making adjustments to sizes, styles, colours when we are able to better suit. We spend a lot of time face to face with our customers at markets and pop ups and we take their comments to heart so we can meet their needs and feel as though we are serving the community in the exact way that it needs.  

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